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Books – A gift to my children (by Jim Rogers)

A gift to my children (by Jim Rogers)

When my wife and I went to Perth last week, she knew that it was going to be a long trip so she picked up a couple of books to buy in the airport so that she could read her way to Australia.

One of these books was this one written by Jim Rogers called “A gift to my children.

My wife said that I should read this because I am going to enjoy it. Looking at it, it doesn’t have any illustrations or pictures (which I like in a book), as well as it’s not that thick enough to bore me (also something that I like in a book with no pictures in it).

Well enough, I found myself reading the book and picking up tips in business, life, and love by this guy named Jim Rogers.

He is a businessman, investor, author of many books, but most of all he loves his family. And from this simple book he wrote, he shares his wisdom to his daughters on how to be successful in life. How to pursue their dream. How to be adventurous. And though he knows that his daughters will make mistakes in life, he assures them that he will be there to cushion the blow.

Buy it or pick it up in your local library. There’s a lot of wisdom there that you’ll learn from 😀

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