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Story – Hidden slums of Singapore revealed

Not all Foreign Talents (FT) in Singapore are blessed with a life to envy. Some just try to get by in the hopes of giving a good life to their loved-ones back in their home country.

This feature story sheds a different light on how some FTs live the Singapore life.


Hidden slums of Singapore revealed (Yahoo! SG News)

It was a bright afternoon. The innocent-looking, pastel-coloured façade of the row of buildings was deceiving.

The passageway was as dark as night. You could hardly see the steps on the stairs.

On the second floor lies the narrow doorway to the dormitory. Step inside and you are met with a room packed with 20 double-decker beds, stacked so tightly together there is hardly room to even walk or move around. The absence of storage space, such as cupboards or shelves, means possessions are strewn anywhere and everywhere.

Laundry is aired or dried inside the dormitory as well, given that there is also a lack of space outdoors for drying. Windows line one side of the wall but they hardly provide adequate ventilation. The room reeks of stale air.

There are 40 migrant workers in this one room.

This writer visited 4 dormitories in the same area and they all average 30 to 40 beds in each dormitory. This is not uncommon, nor surprising, to those who work with migrant workers. The SMRT drivers who recently went on strike and complained about having to share their rooms with 7 other workers, by comparison, had it good! Their complaints sparked a flurry of reaction from relevant authorities suddenly keen to look into the living conditions of migrant workers, despite many years of non-governmental organisations and activists raising these same concerns.

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