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[News] Pinoys working, living abroad reach 10.46M

Pinoys working, living abroad reach 10.46M (Business World Online)

FILIPINOS WORKING or residing abroad reached 10.46 million in 2011 or 5% of total international immigrants, a report showed yesterday.

“The International Organization for Migration’s report on ‘Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda’ cited that there are approximately 215 million international migrants as of 2011,” the 2012 Stock Estimate of Filipinos Overseas report released yesterday showed.

“About 5% of this number or 10.46 million are overseas Filipinos in about 217 countries and territories,” it further read.

The 2011 Stock Estimate of Filipino Overseas reported that there were 9.45 million Filipinos overseas as of December 2010.

The report showed 4.86 million are permanent migrants, 4.51 million temporary migrants and 1.07 million irregular migrants.

“Irregular migrants could be found mainly in the United States, Malaysia and Singapore,” the report said.

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