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[Movies] Les Misérables (2012)


Finally! Got to watch Les Misérables! Now it’s time to do a review.

To be honest, I’ve never read this classic novel. Not in high school, not in college, not in my free time. Why? Because it lacked pictures. But like “A Tale of Two Cities“, it delves on the history of France, the revolution and society. Where tragedy sells, star-crossed lovers entwine but never meet, and heroes are gentlemen. And it’s all good.

But if Victor Hugo were alive, I’d tell him to spell the title appropriately. There’s a lot of letters there pronounced silently. That’s a lot of wasted letters there that the Children’s Television Workshop worked hard on just to get kids saying it right.

SPOILER ALERT:  Jean Valjean dies. Surprise!

Someone give Wolverine the Oscar. Last I heard is that Daniel Day-Lewis is in the lead for it. But the difference between Les Misérables and Lincoln is that the former kept me entertained while the latter kept me asleep after the first 10 minutes. So if you are going to give an award based on being entertained, then I say give it to the most deserving. Like Day-Lewis, Jackman has a wide range of acting skills. It’s a lot to be a manly-man-who’s-been-Gaston-Eddie-Allen-hacker-Wolverine-fighting-Magneto-while-boxing-robots-and-still-have-time-to-sing-and-dance. It’s just that Jackman draws the audience better at this film rather than Day-Lewis.

Les Misérables is a very well-rounded movie that’s worth the ticket. This one joins Annie and High School Musical in my books. Yes, High School Musical. See if you’re good enough to be as good as Zac Efron, then you’ve done your job.

Except… except that Les Misérables has some minor flaws in the casting department.

Every good story always has its comedic sidekicks to keep it interesting. And this movie has a surprising character that you never thought will be that comic relief. Nope, it’s not Borat nor Mrs Burton. These two are great to watch with their side remarks and all. Kinda reminds you of their Sweeney Todd film.

One of the miscasts is Russell Crowe who played as Javert.

He is one of two casts that kept on keeping me out of the movie moment with his monotonic singing voice. But hey, I guess he’s a tad better than Tom Cruise or Alec Baldwin.

So who’s the other one?

Your two of two is Amanda Seyfried who played as Cosette.

She’s actually ok. She’s convincing yet when she sings, it’s as if she voiced Disney’s Snow White.

I mean, what was that all about?

Anyhoo… it’s a great movie musical. Should earn a lot of Oscars if you ask me 🙂


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