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[Blog] Taiwan tagged “the Philippines” as China’s most bullied country

Taiwan tagged “the Philippines” as China’s most bullied country – Japan come to the rescue. (OFW Heroes)

“The China Post” online news paper tagged “the Philippines” as China’s heavily bullied country

The Senkaku island disputes with China and Taiwan is the boiling point which evaporates Japan from the close pot and landed to the Philippine’ tropical shore for Military strategic alliance.

It is not in the eye of Japan to make alliance with the Philippines in connection with the territorial disputes with china as it would only hurts their sweet economic relation that would probably affect Japan’s economy, but a destiny which is sit to happen has finally happened.

Japan is closing their factories in china and in a migration exodus with South Korea to move their factories to the Philippines because of the rising labor costs in China.

The rising labor cost in China could not be the only reason but also the island disputes with china in the Ieo do of South Korea’s Exclusive economic Zone and Senkaku Island of Japan.

The recent aggressive action of china in claiming the thousand of Kilometers distance – Southeast Asean territories triggered a worry to South Korea as china send a signal to control the Ieo-do (Ieo Island) in the southwestern part of Jeju which was administered by South Korea pushing them to intensity their new Military base in the area to protect their territory.

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