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[Hobby] Year of the Snake Omega Supreme

Check out what’s new in Toys R Us. It’s Omega Supreme. YEAH!!!

What’s not to like? It’s Omega Supreme. It’s the Platinum Edition. It’s the Year of the Snake version. And it’s friggin’ BIG!

Unlike last year’s G2 Bruticus release, this Omega Supreme certainly does not look flimsy nor cheap. That is why I don’t have that.

The snake box alone is detailed as a hong bao just in time for the Chinese New Year would make you buy it impulsively. This packaging would put the Optimus Prime Year of the Dragon to shame.

A repaint of the Omega Supreme Energon, the Snake Platimum Edn transforms into an Omega Train and an Omega Battleship. I sure would like to have it transform into the G1 version (rocket station) instead of an out-of-proportioned battleship and train, but I guess this will do.

Still looks like the Autobot Guardian that he is

The Snake Platinum Edition has a new claw, giving a nod to the G1 version. And the head sculpt does not act like a headmaster unlike the Energon edition that transforms into a small robot named Omega. But the visor still flips open.

There’s also an Optimus Prime Year of the Snake Platinum Edition that comes with a trailer to make it into a Super Optimus Prime. With this, you can also combine Optimus with Omega to form a super-duper-bigger-Omega-Optimus-Supreme-Prime?!? I don’t know. Seems like an overkill by now.

But I must warn you. The Optimus Prime Platinium Edition is ugly. Seriously, what’s wrong with this Prime?

This platinum looks like a fool’s gold

Looks bad, doesn’t it? It has the same nice packaging, but it’s not a looker. I don’t want to buy it, but it seems that I won’t make full use of Omega’s combining feature without this Prime. So… guess I have to buy this one too. But I will take my time till probably they sell it at a discounted price.

Omega Supreme Year of the Snake Platinum Edition is now available at Toys R Us ($149.90). The Optimus Prime Plat Edn Year of the Snake is something like $109(?). Sorry, I just don’t care at the moment. Go get one till supplies lasts.

BTW.. if the Transformers Chinese Zodiac started last year, this means I still have 10 more to collect in the next 10 years. Now that’s a challenge. >:D

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