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[News] Living Barbie Doll and Ken Doll Meet Face-to-Face

Move over, Herbert Chavez. You’ve got company.


Living Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova and Ken Doll Justin Jedica Meet Face-to-Face (IBTimes)

The details of the meeting were undisclosed to the public. However, the photos of the two together were posted by a Facebook page “Be A Human Barbie” – a site dedicated to human dolls.
The meeting probably happened when Valeria flew to United States with her spiritual sister Dominica. The two planned to move to the US as Olga’s boyfriend lives there and they are willing to start a business venture in the States.
Human Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova gained worldwide fame early this year because of her incredible looks that resembles the popular doll. The internet world finally found her partner Ken as a guy transformed himself to look like Mattel’s boy toy.
New York City’s Justin Jedica change his looks to resemble Ken. According to Huffington Post, Justin “had around 90 surgeries to get the “muscular” body and chiseled face he has today. He’s been injected with silicone all over his body, has had several nose jobs, and plans to continue his work. So far it has cost him about $100,000.”
“I love to metamorphosize myself, and the stranger the surgery the better. Bucking the norm is so much fun,” Justin said.

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