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[Tech] With Sony Set to Reveal Playstation 4, When Will Microsoft Respond?


With Sony Set to Reveal Playstation 4, When Will Microsoft Respond? (Forbes)

I guess Kazuo Hirai was wrong, or at least just being sneaky. The Sony CEO made news in past weeks after saying that he would wait to unveil Sony’s next console until Microsoft showed their hand first:

“Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Well, with it all but completely confirmed that Sony will be showcasing their next generation console at a special event on February 20th (henceforth called the ‘PS4′ for simplicity’s sake), that seems like it’s not going to be the case.

There’s little point speculating about what exactly the new system will look like. Hardware specs have been rumored for a while now, but we should be content to simply wait three weeks and find out 100% true information instead of guessing at it. The idea is that with this early announcement, Sony will have the console actually released by Holiday 2013.

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PS4 can share videos, screens – Report
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