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[News] 4 Bus strikers jailed; Lawyer, cabby, and lorry driver also jailed;


Singapore sentences 4 Chinese strikers to jail (Huffington Post)

SINGAPORE — A Singapore court sentenced four Chinese immigrant bus drivers on Monday to up to seven weeks in prison for instigating the city-state’s first labor strike in 26 years.

Three of the men were sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment. A fourth driver faced an additional charge of publicizing the strike in an online post and received a seven-week jail term for his larger role.

Another driver was jailed for six weeks in December and has been deported.

In the Nov. 26-27 strike, 171 Chinese bus drivers for a public transport company protested over being paid nearly a quarter less than their Malaysian colleagues. The strike disrupted about 5 percent of the country’s bus services.

Senior district Judge See Kee Oon said the sentences needed to be long enough “to ensure that others are not emboldened toward attempting similar displays of dissatisfaction over employment terms or conditions.”

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Former lawyer jailed for criminal breach of trust (ChannelNewsAsia)

SINGAPORE: A former lawyer has been sentenced to six years’ jail for unauthorised transfers and misappropriation of monies from his firm’s client account amounting to almost S$1.5 million.

Raymond Tan Tiong Hian, 44, had committed the offences by relying on pre-signed cheques on 31 occasions over a 17-month period from June 2009 to November 2010.

The misappropriated funds were paid out to 11 recipients who were unaware of his illegal doings.

The court heard that part of the money was used to foot personal expenses and mostly used to help pay the debts of the father of a woman with whom Tan had a child with.

Some of the misappropriated funds were also paid to Tan’s wife, Chew Bee Hoon.

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Lorry driver jailed for causing cyclist’s death along Loyang Avenue (StraitsTimes)

A Chinese national, who negligently caused the death of a cyclist along Loyang Avenue, was jailed for four weeks on Monday. Former lorry driver Wang Weiguan, 31, was also banned from driving for five years.

He had admitted to causing the death of Mr Freddy Khoo Boon Hai, 48, a bank employee, at about 6.50am on Aug 18 last year. Wang failed to keep a proper lookout ahead while travelling straight along the left lane of the road, resulting in the lorry hitting Mr Khoo’s bicycle, and causing his death.

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Cabby jailed for keeping cash from wallet left by passenger (AsiaOne)

A CABBY who admitted misappropriating money from a wallet left in his taxi by a tourist will now have to go to jail after the prosecution appealed against the initial sentence of a $1,000 fine.

Roy Pang Tin Jen was yesterday jailed for two weeks and fined $3,000 by the High Court. The prosecutors had argued that the $1,000 fine was manifestly inadequate.

Pang, 39, picked up a Japanese tourist from the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore on the morning of Dec 30, 2011. She alighted at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3, but left her wallet on the back seat.

The Cartier wallet was discovered by the next passenger, who handed it over to the cabby. Instead of returning it to his taxi company, Pang kept the cash and threw away the wallet, which also contained credit cards and a driver’s licence.

He spent the 59,000 yen (S$783) on daily expenses. Court documents did not mention the name of his taxi firm.

Two days later, the tourist e-mailed the hotel about having left her wallet in the taxi.

The hotel verified with the taxi company that Pang was the driver. He was later arrested.

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