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[News] Boston and Iraq bombings

Be it three, nine, twelve, or fifty-five... my thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Boston and Iraq bombings.

Be it three, nine, twelve, or fifty-five… my thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Boston and Iraq bombings.


Boston bombings likely home-grown, experts say (ABC News)

Boston, USA —  Terrorism experts say the deadly Boston bombings were most likely home-grown, outlining three possible scenarios for how the attacks were orchestrated.

American police and counter-terrorism agencies have launched a massive investigation to indentify those responsible for the deadly blasts that struck the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The bombings have some of the signatures of an Al Qaeda-style attack – synchronised, at a high-profile event and in the full glare of the media spotlight.

But the possibility of the attack being the work of an international terrorist group is just one of the theories currently under investigation.

The design of the bombs suggests they could have been made by anyone, with instructions downloaded from the internet.

JM Berger from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation says there are three options: an international terrorist group, a domestic organisation, or a lone psychopath.

Mr Berger says the timing and placement of the bombs suggest whoever is responsible was looking for maximum media coverage.

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Iraq twin car bombings kill 9 in latest attacks (CBC)

Two car bombings today in Iraq have killed nine people and wounded 27, police officials say.

In the larger of the two attacks, a car bomb exploded near a car repair shops in Aziziyah. Seven people were killed and 20 were wounded in that blast. Aziziyah is 55 kilometers (35 miles) southeast of Baghdad.

Earlier on Tuesday, a car bomb went off targeting an army patrol north of Baghdad, killing two soldiers and wounding seven people, five of them were civilians.

Medics in nearby hospitals confirmed the death toll. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

The bombings came a day after a string of deadly attacks across Iraq killed 55 people, and ahead of Saturday’s first elections in the country since U.S. withdrew troops in 2011.


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