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[Movies] Iron Man 3 (2013)


Iron Man 3 (2013)

Starring: Robert Downey Jr; Gwyneth Paltrow; Don Cheadle; Guy Pearce; Ben Kingsley;

I have a bone to pick with Marvel with their latest flick, Iron Man 3. What… the… fudd?!?

I believe that the Iron Man trilogy is a very important movie series Marvel released since Spider-Man (2002). The story and the casting was so perfect that it made us forget all about Spider-Man 3.

Unlike Batman Begins, the story of Iron Man was simple and fun yet believable (if you believe in billionaire crime fighters, well then yes). Iron Man was hands down better than Batman.

Let’s compare. Both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark lost their parents. Both are immensely rich and smart. Both are playboys and arrogant. But given the choice of weapon, Tony Stark chose to don a high-tech armor to fight villains with guns. While Bruce Wayne chose martial arts to dodge bullets. I mean, for real, Batman? You can afford to buy laser weapons, yet you choose to roundhouse kick opponents instead?

Anyway,  going back to the Iron Man series, the build up was so great from the first to the second movie, then it branched out to The Avengers which made it so cool that DC failed to wow us with other movies such as Green Lantern.

The Iron Man 2 story was great as well. You get two villains from Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke. After that sequel, I couldn’t wait for how Marvel will end the trilogy.

Then they announced that the villain for Iron Man 3 would be the Mandarin. Iron Man’s mystical nemesis. It was like technology versus magic.  I really couldn’t wait to see how they’ll put it all together.

Sometime early this year, they released this image of the Mandarin.

I was like… ok. A bit like a hobo, but maybe there’s a reason why. Because I trust that Marvel will not disappoint fans again because they’ve learned from what happened to Spider-Man 3, right? So I let this one by.

Then I got to watch the movie… in 3D. So began the let down.

So how do I review this film without giving away the story? I’m not sure, but I should put a SPOILER ALERT here just in case.

Let me try dicing the trailer and give my thoughts about it.

  • Alright. See those helicopters flying by? That’s caused by Stark’s stupidity. You’ll find out in a while;
  • 0:05 – The armor gallery is so cool that it will make the folks at Hot Toys rich this year;
  • The talk about him not getting some sleep is a bit overly dramatic as compared to the tragedy he’ll get at the climax of the movie. Probably I missed some details from the Avengers movie, but… I still think it’s too dramatic;
  • 0:22 –  Blah blah blah blah. Insignificant;
  • 0:28 – The Iron Patriot. They’ll say why they did a repaint of War Machine and dubbed him Iron Patriot, but… there’s a reason why they do security checks before boarding planes;
  • 0:36 – The Mandarin – I was so excited about this part. Bad idea;
  • 0:46 – Mandarin’s rings – I was so excited about this part too. Bad idea;
  • 0:48 – This reminded me of Flight. You should watch Flight instead;
  • 1:07 – The helicopters charging to Stark’s mansion? Yep, because of Stark. Why? Wait for it;
  • 1:16 – Shouldn’t there be some kind of high-tech counter measures installations at Stark’s mansion?
  • 1:33 – Here’s where the arc reactor should have come handy. The one on Tony’s chest. The thing that lights up. Should be useful at this point, no?
  • 1:56 – One ripped Gwyneth Paltrow. Priceless;
  • 1:59 – Here’s what got Stark into trouble. Challenging the Mandarin, an unknown terrorist. If only he watched the GI Joe cartoons, he’ll be reminded that “knowing is half the battle.” Which equates to helicopters firing on you because you gave the enemies your location on national TV. Don’t you think they have heard of Google Maps?
  • 2:08 – The Backups – This scene is so cool and so fast-paced that you shouldn’t be watching it on 3D. Still, cash cow for Hot Toys;

Did I gave away some movie plots? I hope not.

Maybe it’s just that the Iron Man 3 originally has a lot of important sub-plots that squeezing them all together made it bad. Tolerable, but still bad (and misleading).

I still recommend you to watch Iron Man 3 because, well, people still watched The Dark Knight Rises even though it’s a bad movie. It’s still better than Spider-Man 3. More relevant than that rebooted The Amazing Spider-Man. And more fun than the Dark Knight Rises.

I just hope they release some thing like a Director’s Cut of this like what they did with Daredevil. It seems like this movie was suppose to have been released last December and they pushed it back to April to do some final work. Maybe they should have pushed it back to this December instead to “iron” out some more details. Just saying.

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