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[News] More Help for Maids and Migrant Workers

New telephone helpline for maids from 1 June (Channel News Asia)

SINGAPORE: From 1 June, there will be a new telephone helpline (1800-FDW-HELP or 1800-339-4357) for foreign domestic workers.

The Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support & Training, or FAST in short, made the announcement at its Mother’s Day workshop on Sunday.

For a start, the 24-hour helpline will be available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.


Migrant Workers’ Centre expanding to help more foreign workers (Channel News Asia)

SINGAPORE: The Migrant Workers’ Centre is expanding operations to help more foreign workers in Singapore.

By 2014, it will have a larger head office, a Geylang branch and a help centre for migrant fishermen.

According to the Manpower Ministry, there are close to 1.1 million rank-and-file foreign workers in Singapore as of December 2012, not counting employment pass holders.

The Migrant Workers’ Centre says the number seeking help is growing.

Yeo Guat Kwang, chairman of Migrant Workers’ Centre, said: “We were helping about 1,200 a year in the beginning. Now we help about 1,500 workers. With some of the recent incidents, I think there is greater awareness of some of these dispute resolutions and what we can do to help the workers.”

Cases like the illegal strike by SMRT bus drivers from China last year have highlighted disputes between foreign workers and their employers.

The Migrant Workers’ Centre says its key objective is to make sure those who need help get it early.


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