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[Movies] Man of Steel (2013)


Man of Steel (2013)

Starring:  Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner

Two and a half hours. I’ll say that again. TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF THE REBOOTED SUPERMAN MOVIE.

And it’s worth it.

Finally, a decent Superman movie since Richard Donner‘s Superman and Superman II. The Man of Steel delivers a balanced story that is just right to start anew for this failing DC movies.

But before you go to see it, I suggest you throw away everything that you know or have watched about Superman. It’s good to forget all about those things.

Now let’s begin with the review (SPOILER ALERT).

The movie is first to set in Krypton where it all began. It features a lot of Jor-El and the plight of the people of Krypton. But being a reboot, the Man of Steel tells more about why Krypton is doomed and why Zod (Michael Shannon) and his army went up in arms.

In this story, it shows that Jor-El (Russel Crowe) and Zod are in fact like the Ying-Yang of Krypton’s future. Both Crowe and Shannon (especially Michael Shannon), depicted their characters are working to fight for the survival of their race.

When that failed, Jor-El sent his son (Kal-El) to the planet that he deemed fitting for their child. A planet where he will grow up with choices that they were deprived of in Krypton. A planet where he will be god among them. A planet called Kansas.

The movie also showed how young Clark Kent developed his superpowers. But these scenes where more traumatic rather that just him speeding through and jumping from farm to farm. And this trauma will turn to be very helpful for Supes in the end.

So that’s how the movie begins. The rest, you need to watch it for yourself.

For this rebooted installment, I feel that the story arc and the characters were written more intelligently.

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is a super-strong hobo who bounces around to get a foothold in life and search for its meaning for himself. He can also be a d*ck when you pick on him.

Here, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) proves to be a better detective than Batman. And that is just by snooping around. Not with some fancy shmancy science and technology stuff.

Daily Planet’s Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) is now a black American who is after truthful journalism that, I’ll bet, will drive their newspaper readership down the ground because he is not interested in publishing about aliens and stuff.

Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) is your wholesome American dad who did his best to ask clark to hide his superhuman abilities. He even had Clark to think twice about not doing anything when the school bus he was on went over the bridge and down a river.  Man, that was kinda dark.

But the best of it is how he died. The way they did it was that it made Clark really guilty about having all those powers and doing nothing about it because it was not time for him yet.

Wait. You do know that Jonathan Kent died before Clark turned to Superman, right? So this one’s not a spoiler.

The movie also took a couple of pages from other movies, such as The Lion King (kinda), The Matrix, The Avengers, and Independence Day. But they handled the invasion a bit better than ID.

See, when Zod announced to the whole world that we are not alone, he pirated all media channels (and I’m guessing YouTube too) to say that there’s an alien among us and he wants him to be surrendered. At first, I thought “Wow! He can speak English.”)

But then, he had to convey his message again in different languages. So there. That’s good enough for me.

The story interaction between characters are comparable to Thor. It wasn’t that deep. But coming from DC Entertainment, this is an improvement.

What made it better is the villainous General Zod. Just like Tom Thiddleston‘s Loki, Shannon’s acting made a believable villain that made Superman and his rightful cause one to root for. And for that, I applaud Shannon. I’ll be looking forward again in watching you flourish in Boardwalk Empire.

The action sequence is quite good. And Supes fight with Zod felt like it was Doomsday he was fighting with.

I’m not sure if they are going to have Doomsday fight Superman soon, but if not, this one’s just about right.

Also, there’s no green Kryptonite. But they did touch on what a Kryptonite is and how it makes Superman weak. It’s like Anne Rice take on why vampires are afraid of the sun. So be sure to catch that notion in the movie.

So what didn’t work for me? Not much.

But if there’s one, I would say is how they are going to keep Superman’s identity secret. Lois Lane knows how to find him. The people of Smallville knows him. But interestingly enough, the US Goverment is willing to risk a 12-million spy plane to keep a check on Superman when all they need to do is look him up in planet Kansas.

What else…. oh, Superman still fights with just his muscles. He doesn’t know how to stay away from populated areas to do his fight scenes. I mean, c’mon. Thor fought the Destroyer in a small town of Mexico. Why can’t he? He grew up in a farm. He should be used to that by now.

What else… people freezing from falling skyscrapers and then running to the direction where it will fall on.

What else… Lady Gaga as Faora-Ul.

Can you say “disco stick?”

What else… Barack Obama plays the role of General Swanwick?!?

General Barack Obama Swanwick

What else… oh, who is going to pay for all the destruction caused?

There’s a lot of destroyed buildings in the fight with Zod’s army including LexCorp‘s properties. Is that the reason why Lex Luthor’s angry at Superman? We’ll find out in the next installment.

Other than that, I recommend you to watch the movie in 3D. The fight scenes are clean and you’ll get the sensation of flying like Superman.

Alright, now buy your Man of Steel tickets 😀

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