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[News] Sorry, Singa had to go

Sorry, Singa had to go (

SINGAPORE – Mr Edwin Yeo and Mr Cesar Balota will go down in Singapore’s history as the men who “fired” Singa.

Was it a bad call? Any regrets?

No, said both men.

“In this age of social media, using a mascot to push a message out no longer works,” Mr Yeo, 46, the general manager of Strategic Public Relations Group, told The New Paper.

Instead, Mr Yeo and Mr Balota, 57, the associate general secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), felt it was time for Singaporeans to take responsibility for their own graciousness.

This decision came after a survey by SKM late last year showed that Singapore residents were less gracious than they had ever been in the last five years.

Fewer people were experiencing acts of graciousness, whether receiving or simply witnessing a kind act.

A reason given: People are too busy.


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