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[News] PRs can’t win Miss World Singapore

PRs can’t win Miss World Singapore (AsiaOne)

MISS Krizzia Sayson was devastated when she was told at her audition in February that she couldn’t win Miss World Singapore 2013.

As a Permanent Resident (PR), the Filipino actress can only be placed as a runner-up at best, according to the terms and conditions in the contract.

Having lived here since she was three, she had argued with the organisers that she was “extremely Singaporean”.

Miss Sayson, 20, who got her first acting break in February on the Channel 5 docu-drama Unnatural, told The New Paper: “I was really upset when I found out that PRs are allowed to join but can’t win.

“I’ll be applying for Singapore citizenship next year when I’m 21.

“The organisers said that they would try to appeal my case for me, but there was a slim chance of it being approved.

“I want to take part this year because I feel that this is my year, and it would be good exposure if I want to further my acting career.”


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